‘Fargo – Series 2’ – On the Box

A quick post about Fargo series 2 which started last week on Channel 4. I’d watched the film, but had no great love for it – no real recollection of it other than it was strange, ghoulish and looked bloody cold. This doesn’t paint me in the best light as a film fan, but was pretty useful when the Coen brother’s work was adapted for tv. I came to series 1 with fairly fresh eyes, not worried whether super-fan Noah Hawley could possibly write something that’d live up to the film like the real fans were.

It was, of course, spectacular, totally gruesome, unswervingly polite, unapologetically complicated and completely compelling. It’s got a 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and I don’t remember anyone having a bad word to say about it. What a triumph! So now, series 2 has to live up to the lofty heights of both series 1 and the film with an all-new cast. It’s a good job Hawley is no coward.

Photo: crushable.com
Photo: crushable.com

I’ll miss Billy Bob Thornton, a superb baddie as Lorne Malvo, and his strange relationship with Martin Freeman’s character Lester Nygaard, but I’m excited to see Ted Danson and Kirsten Dunst in series 2. Episode 1 was promising, introducing us to another small town in freezing Minnesota, the waring mob families, and finally answering the question posed in series 1 – what exactly did happen at The Waffle House? The episode looked really cool, with the clever use of split screen, the 1970s colour pallet and retro knitware.

Can’t wait to see episode 2, but damn, did the schedulers have to put it on at the same time as The Walking Dead?!

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