‘Eurotrash’ – On the Box

Hello my British chums! Quelle surprise! Last Friday Channel 4 resurrected 90’s classic Eurotrash for a one-off EU Referendum special – a compilation of their best bits, some new bits and of course, rude bits.

It’s hard to describe to the young’uns but in a world before the internet, before QI, this was easily a contender for weirdest thing on tv. It taught us all about freaky fetishes, strange local customs and beliefs, and put stuff on terrestrial telly that you’d clear out of your browsing history rapidement these days!

And as I’m sure you know looking at other people’s rude bits is very important rite of passage for self-conscious teenagers. It was strange to watch the show at full volume without worrying if your Mum will come in and ask for an explanation.

The original presenters were back –  Antoine de Caunes and Jean-Paul Gaultier. As a totally unstylish 16-year-old I don’t think I was at all aware what Monsieur Gaultier’s day job was. I think that’s so funny, that I could basically ignore this mega-famous man and his cultural contribution. I just thought they were strange giggly Frenchmen with ridiculously cute accents who happened to be obsessed with naked people.

The package was completed with highlights that I’d totally forgotten about – the sarcastic female narrator and the use of just the silliest British regional dialects for the voice overs on the video footage.

I loved that Gerard Depardieu was just a giant wine-drinking nose. It’s the logical conclusion of how his already pretty big face is getting bigger with age.

It was nice to find out that nothing’s changed – we got older but no wiser and stayed just as strange.I think one episode for nostalgia’s sake was right – sadly we no longer need the show itself. We just need to know what the freaky fetish is called so we can put it in the search box and do our own… research!

Bonne chance mon ami!

Eurotrash 2016 is available at Channel4.com and have a bonus Everything You Need to Know Guide to the show.



Author: sarahhamstera

Mum always warned me watching too much tv would give me square eyes - let's find out if that's true! TV reviewer at https://deadpixeltest.wordpress.com/ Birmingham, UK

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