Great news for Telly Addicts

I’m extremely happy to report that Andrew Collins, tv reviewer royalty and inspiration for this very blog is back in business.

Andrew had the long running weekly review round-up at The Guardian until April this year. I loved his video blog stylings, his sharp commentary and his infections optimism for the medium where others delight in telling us that watching tv is a waste of our precious time.

He’s a charming chap and always a treat when he irregularly turns up on telly. In an act of benevolent generosity late last year he described part of this actual blog as “great” which was even more exciting than Abs from 5ive enjoying my review of his remarkable farming documentary. I should probably incorporate Andrew’s quote in my tag line – “As endorsed by a proper telly critic”.

So I’m very pleased to find out that UKTV are expanding their digital content and are supporting new weekly episodes of Telly Addict on that YouTube that they’ve got these days.

Six – count ’em! – six episodes are available for you to watch right now. The latest one covers internet sensation Carpool Karaoke and Greg Davis’ comedy Man Down (which may be about to spiral out of all control).

As you know, in this day and age points mean prizes, or rather clicks are everything. So please do click through and support one of the hardest working men in (front) of television. And if he’s looking for guests on his new sofa, I’m ready and willing, and armed with a packet of bourbons and a box of donuts.

But y’all come back now ya hear!

Author: sarahhamstera

Mum always warned me watching too much tv would give me square eyes - let's find out if that's true! TV reviewer at Birmingham, UK

One thought on “Great news for Telly Addicts”

  1. As a telly addict all my life , near peer (born Dec ’66) owner of ‘Where Did It All Go Right?’ , Mr Collins has long been a favourite – this is great news …


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