First Birthday!

It’s my birthday! I’m not 100% sure (and WordPress makes it hard to find out) but I’m going to record this day 17th August as the official Dead Pixel Test first birthday. I know I’m close because it was last summer I started to see articles about how there’s too much high quality tv to try to keep up with. I’d been feeling that way for a while and it was heartening to hear other telly fans and industry people say it too. That, and a nagging desire to write more, was the drive to start the blog.

To be honest we shouldn’t complain. You don’t have to go to the cinema to see beautiful complicated drama any more, or the newest comedy sensation. You can stay in with your slippers on. TV isn’t just silly game shows and amusingly shaped vegetables any more. Too many good things is a bit ‘first world problems’, I know, but you want to give your precious leisure time to something worthwhile. Literally worthy of your attention and devotion. And I like to think that over the course of the year I’ve helped bring a little more attention to great television (Murder in Successville, Chewing Gum, Billions) and show that even if everyone is talking about it, it still might be a total stinker which you should do your utmost to avoid (Marcella, Gamechangers, A Gert Lush Christmas).

This milestone is really exciting for me, because while I have quite a few hobbies and interests (mainly related to food, booze and spending money to get to where the food and booze is) I’m absolutely terrible at sticking with something for any length of time. Ask anyone. If something is difficult I give up and pretend I wasn’t all that interested in the first place, while looking sadly at people who have a natural flair for their interests, or at least the determination to do better. This is an achievement for me – an active blog, regularly updated with all manner of content for 12 whole months!

I’m in charge here so I get to lavish some praise on deserving folks. Thanks to my guest bloggers, lovely Susie Sue, Mr Jon T Saurus – King of the Geeks and the elusive, mysterious Modular Dave for helping me raise the bar and widen the scope, and for watching and reviewing things that would have bored me to tears.

Thanks for the kind comments and conversations, here, on Twitter, on our Facebook page and in real life. It’s nice to get feedback from people who read the blog. Thanks to those same people for tips on what I should be watching, and what’s worth struggling through a dodgy pilot episode for (apparently Versailles and The Living and The Dead – I got pretty bored with them pretty quickly, but they’re both back on my watch list). Your suggestions are essential and this work is entirely collaborative. If I only paid attention to what the Radio Times said was worthwhile I’d have missed a whole bunch of good stuff.

So, on to year two. I want to keep on doing all these things and more, widen the scope of the shows I watch and review, write better reviews, be more entertaining, and continue to find and work with really interesting guest bloggers who want to help me in this square-eyed endeavour. If you think that might be you, leave a comment below or say hi on Facebook or Twitter.

Now to celebrate. Please make ready your special comfy spot on the sofa, a large slice of cake and queue up a tv show you’re really enjoying. Charge your tea cups and toast to the Dead Pixel Test.

Happy birthday to us!

Much love from your Telly Addict,

Sarah Hamstera



Author: sarahhamstera

Mum always warned me watching too much tv would give me square eyes - let's find out if that's true! TV reviewer at Birmingham, UK

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