Couch Potato Digest – jerks, shirts and shows in the works

Some seriousness to start your digest this once. Don’t fret – I won’t make a habit of it.

Amy Schumer is in a sort of rolling non-story of the week. She’s on her book launch publicity junket but this has been derailed by controversy surrounding Kurt Metzger, a writer on her Comedy Central show. This guy has a self-admitted history of violence against women and an “alarmingly vicious tendency to defend men accused of rape”. She sort of distanced him with a stock PR phrase, then she says he’s not working on her show Inside Amy Schumer any more, but he’s not fired – this is just because it’s on hiatus. Much confusion…

In the New Yorker she says he is important to her writing process, to have a dissenting voice in the room. That’s probably right, but it sits uncomfortably with her special brand of feminism, which the whole show, and really her whole career, is built around. And this means she knew exactly what he was like and what he was likely to let rip with on social media, which is not exactly given to nuance when it comes to rape jokes. What’s going on Amy? Don’t end up watering down your message or your comedy by working with jerks.

And now, to your regular scheduled telly news.

  • Aidan Turner is back as Poldark on 4 September (BBC1) setting hearts a-flutter and looking dishy against the gorgeous backdrop of rural Cornwall.  In excellent news for equality, Aiden will keep his clothes on this series and not be forced to mimic the stupidly sexist Diet Coke adverts to get people to watch the show. How about we agree to watch it because it’s great traditional storytelling with decent actors and beautiful settings. And you might learn something about British history. Isn’t that enough?
Aidan Turner, almost unrecognisable in a vest, shirt and coat
  • News that set the internet buzzing yesterday was a celebrity reboot of much-loved game-show  The Crystal Maze – a wildly popular idea especially since the live experience version started in London in the spring. But who could possibly fill the stylish cowboy boots of the presenter and maniac-in-chief. How about David Tennant? Sounds good to me!
Start the (Doctor Who) fans please!
Harry Hill – this world is not enough
  • The Telegraph suggests a long, long list of best tv shows of the autumn. Truely, we telly viewers are suffering through a golden age. We all need to get exercise bikes and running machines so we don’t end up looking like the humans in WALL-E. There is mega hype around Westworld a sci-fi show by HBO starring Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood, co-produced by ‘Saviour of Star Wars’ JJ Abrams. It’s “a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin”. With cowboys. Oooo-kay! It starts on Sky Atlantic in October.
Anthony Hopkins, disappointingly sans Stetson


Author: sarahhamstera

Mum always warned me watching too much tv would give me square eyes - let's find out if that's true! TV reviewer at Birmingham, UK

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