About your Telly Addict

My name is Sarah Hamstera and I’m a life-long telly fan. I was watching Francis Urquhart in the original House of Cards throw pretty young journalists off the roof of the House of Commons by age 10 but I was banned from watching Eastenders because it was too violent. Go figure.

That annoyed me but in the long run this worked in my favour – I watch loads of great drama and comedy but I don’t really do soaps. And I was damn good at Telly Addicts, the classic 90s game show hosted by Noel Edmonds of red box and tidy beard fame (which is where the purple tv logo above is from). Now that’s a quiz show that deserves a reboot.

I love the endless variety of stuff that’s out there at the touch of a button, but I’m constantly ashamed by the number of great shows that pass me by. I’ve convinced myself I’ll get round to watching them all some day, but I doubt that’ll ever happen.

Betraying my age, I must admit I prefer to get comfortable and watch a big tv but I will watch on a laptop if forced. I can’t understand how people suffer watching tv on a phone, even for the novelty of it. I’m old school like that. However, I’m happy to watch Netflix, Amazon, Now TV, Sky and terrestrial channels. I like my content providers set up like an all you can eat buffet, and I’m going to try all the tasty dishes until I’m completey stuffed.

Despite feeling like there’s a million things to watch, I can still get stuck in a rut with the same old shows, so by writing and reviewing telly for this blog I hope it’ll encourage me to watch a wider variety of programmes and dip in to things that I’d ususally avoid.

And I’ve got lists and lists of things I’d like to watch but never find time for. Maybe I won’t watch more tv – maybe I can train myself to watch smarter. Or like the playwright Sir Tom Stoppard I can hope for a broken leg and a long period of recovery, or getting really old and “a very protracted deathbed in which I watch Breaking Bad and all the other box sets people keep talking about”.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for watching!

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