‘Hunted’ – On the Box

Hunted was trailed hard by Channel 4. Almost as hard as the fugitives were trailed by the all-powerful surveillance team in the control centre and their operatives on the ground. I’d been really looking forward to the show but found the first episode a bit disappointing. There wasn’t enough preamble about the format or why or how they’re doing it. I understand they’re trying to make the viewer feel something of the chaos the participants are thrown in to, but the speed and the panic of being forced to flee their homes with only 60 minutes notice (Go!Go!Go!) was exciting enough. A proper introduction would have been fine. Thank goodness the production team decided each set of participants needed a proper trained cameraman with them. If this was all filmed on shaky GoPros like a British Blair Witch Project I’d have turned off inside the first 10 minutes.

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‘This is England ’90’ – Seeing the Future

A quick post to add my voice to the many thousands of other fans delighted that This is England makes its return on Sunday 13 September (9pm on Channel 4). Reviewers have said that Shane Meadows’ semi-autobiographical film and follow-up tv shows have been so successful because this is a gang we all want to be part of. I remember being nervous in the council estates in my home town. Even as a child I realised I wasn’t a part of it. It all seemed alien to this emotionally repressed middle-class kid – the close-knit families who did enormous favours for each other with no complaints, calling your Mum’s friends Aunty, kids playing out in the street until all hours, shouting, swearing, crying, sometimes private tensions bubbling over into violence made public. You’d never have gotten anything like that on my street. When we were really cross we might tut.

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‘Hunted’ and ‘The Gamechangers’ – Seeing the Future

Spoilt for choice this week, and probably for the rest of the month. I love September and the new season of tv shows.

Hunted (10 September – Channel 4, 9pm) looks like it could be brilliant. 14 ordinary people go on the run from a team of expert ‘hunters’ led by an ex-Head of Counter Terrorism for City of London Police. I guess they’ll have to go totally off the grid as it’s so much easier these days to track an individual using mobile phones and the internet. Slightly worried though as Channel 4 has a history of putting ordinary people into extra-ordinary situations, and sometimes that situation is Big Brother. If it’s good I predict viewers getting properly over-excited and yelling at the screen like we’re all suddenly espionage experts. And I will almost definitely be one of them.

Also looking forward to a one-off drama The Gamechangers (15 September – BBC2, 9pm). All I know is that it’s Daniel Radcliffe as the video game designer behind Grand Theft Auto. Looks like it could be pretty good. And many congratulations to Danny Radz on the fabulous facial hair. Hagrid would be proud.

‘Cradle to Grave’ and ‘The Goldbergs’ – On the Box

I find Danny Baker (radio DJ, talking head and Twitter dick) and Peter Kay (kitchen sink nostalgia-peddling comic) pretty annoying. They both seem to have peaked years ago and now they’re trading on past success. So Cradle to Grave featuring both was something to be avoided. Mr H was a big fan of Peter Kay’s last tv outing Peter Kay’s Car Share and the classic Phoenix Nights (Chorley FM – coming in your ears!) so we watched it anyway and it was surprisingly enjoyable.

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‘An Evening with Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse’ – On the Box

An Evening With Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse (BBC2)


I love Harry and Paul and often find myself singing their Ruskie theme tune in the shower with gusto. They’ve got some excellent comic creations with accompanying catch phrases and they don’t shy away from uncomfortable subjects (racism, poverty, loneliness, stupidity). But this review celebrating 25 years in comedy fell short of their own mark. I could see what they were trying to do – when I told Mr H the title of the show he asked “Is that on ITV? – but it didn’t work. They impersonated celebrities and undermined the luvvie culture of these awful ‘An Evening With’ shows, and used the questions to spoof, mock and criticise their own work. I don’t think it was racist or sexist as other reviews have suggested, but it did make me feel uncomfortable, mainly because it just wasn’t very funny.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ – See the Future

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)

Photo: AMC

Sadly it seems BT has picked up the entire AMC channel in the UK and are running it exclusively for their customers. I get Sky, Netflix, normal telly and that’s it. Tantalisingly the first episode is available as a freebie on Sky but I’m annoyed to be missing out on a new series I wanted to watch. I’m toying with the idea of watching the first episode anyway, but if it’s good I’ll be annoyed the rest are unavailable. Although if it’s terrible I’ll have been saved from an underwhelming spin-off!

‘Stephen Fry in Central America’ – On the Box

Stephen Fry in Central America (ITV)

Photo: ITV

Repeat warning: Haven’t we seen this somewhere very recently? Yes, yes we have.  It was Dara and Ed’s Great Big Adventure (BBC2) in which Dara O Briain and Ed Byrne drove the length of Central America in the footsteps of pioneering journalists who braved the then wild Pan American Highway. And sadly for Stephen Fry, the Irish comics did it better – they had more fun and seemingly a better connection with the people they met. Fry straddled a gulf between sincere and aloof. He was at a massive protest march in Mexico City marking the disappearance and probable massacre of 43 students and he found it very moving. He was genuinely upset, but this was undermined by a lack of explanation, or follow up with the protestors or anyone involved. All we got were his thoughts and observations as an outsider. It wasn’t enough. Two minutes later and we were back on the road again and Mexico City was forgotten. It was a real shame as you can’t fault Fry for a lack of curiosity.

I’m looking forward to watching Sue Perkins on Kolkata. She was a revelation on the Mekong River – a travel guide who wanted to give you an insight longer than a few scribbles on the back of a postcard. She had conflicting feelings towards the countries she travelled through and the aspirations of the people she met, and wasn’t afraid to make that clear on camera. There was a depth and breadth to her travels that maybe 60 minutes without adverts on the BBC could offer but ITV couldn’t.